Daktronics Fuelight Petroleum Price Displays

The Daktronics Fuelight gas price displays consist of the FL-3000 and FL-4500 series. The FL-4500 series is designed for the international market and is available in red, amber and green.


Daktronics Fuelight Driver Replacement: 0A-1611-0401 (Replacement for 0A-1611-0400)

Daktronics Replacement Red Digit: 0A-1478-5105

Wireless Communication:
FLR3-100 Handheld Kit 0A-1611-0601 (Generic)
FLR3-100 Handheld Kit 0A-1611-0602 (National Accounts)

Fuelink FLXR3 Server Radio Kit for 3000: FLXR-3-S (Server)
Fuelink FLXR3 Client Radio Kit for 3000: FLXR-3-C (Client)

FLR3-1500 (Gen 2 Radio) 0A-1146-0078

FLR3-1500 (Gen 3 Radio) Kit (Including DM-100)  0A-1611-0641

FLR3-1500 (Gen 3 Radio) 0A-1146-0088 (Server)

FLR3-1500 (Gen 3 Radio) 0A-1146-0087 (Client)

J-Box 0A-1279-0161

Cable required for Client Radio to Quick Connect of 1st Display W-1484

Signal Converter to Server Radio W-1370

DM-100 Controller 3000 0A-1196-0240

DM-100 Controller 3000 0A-1196-0239 Single
DM-100 Controller 2000 0A-1196-0133

0A-1611-0507 15′ J9 data cable to go to J10 of next driver

6 Pin Vertical Plug Connector for older Driver Cable 0A-1356-0606

Daktronics Direct Wired Connection:
FLD3-2000 Kit (DM-100 + Indoor J-Box + Outdoor J-Box) 0A-1611-0640
Indoor Wired J-Box 0A-1611-0505
Outdoor Wired J-Box 0A-1611-0878

Power Supplies:

Daktronics A-2743E 24V Power Supply for Fuelight
Daktronics A-2743R 24V Power Supply for Fuelight


Daktronics 8″ Green Digit 0A-1611-5303

Daktronics Green Dot for 8″ Digit 0A-1611-5331