LED Screen Builder

LED Screens are made up of building blocks called modules. These modules vary in size and can be used to create large LED Displays. For rental screens, these modules are assembled into cabinets that are typically 500x500mm or 500x1000mm. For fixed installation screens, the sizes are more flexible and the cabinet size will be determined by the module layout. if the screen is small, like 4’ x 8’, it could even be in a single cabinet, while if the size is 25’ x 36’ it would use many smaller cabinets.

The actual LED’s on the screen can be either DIP or SMD. DIP is brighter, but there are size limitations. Once you go below 10mm, you will need to use SMD. For fixed installation outdoor screens, we recommend DIP because of the high brightness and long life.

Indoor / Outdoor

Rental / Fixed