Indoor LED Fixed Installation Screens

3.1mm 3.9mm 4.8mm
SMD2121 or SMD1921 SMD2121 or SMD1921 SMD2121
1000 or 3000 1000 or 3000 1000
80x80 Pixels 64x64 Pixels 52x52 Pixels
Module: 250x250mm | Cabinet: 500x500, 500x750, 500x1000
Front and Rear Service with Magnetic Modules
ICND2153 / 3840 HZ Refresh

Our indoor screens are capable of using the SMD1921 outdoor LEDs which allow us to reach 3000 brightness, allowing this product to also be used for hanging window signs.

Unlike other companies, our cabinets are designed to be mounted directly to the wall which reduces the installation cost and time. Additionally, the screen thickness is only 53.5mm from the wall vs approximately 150mm for our competitors.

All of our screens have an optional GOB (Glue on Board) that will completely protect the screen from physical damage.