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LED Sign Repair

LED Sign Repair

We are very interested in helping people fix their LED signs. We stock a lot of popular controllers used in LED signs, as well as the modules. If we do not have it in stock or do not have it listed on our site, don’t worry, we can help you find it!

We can fix almost every LED Sign, but some times we can actually offer you a brand new sign for less than the cost to fix your existing sign!

We can fix signs from:
Leading Edge Displays LED
The LED Sign Company
Adstar Displays
John Anderson
Outdoor Media Display
LED Sign Buyer
Huffman LED
Houston, Texas
Old Number: (281) 866-0790, (877) 433-5148
Old Address: 601 Century Plaza Dr, Houston, TX 77073

UltraBrite LED Signs
407-349-SIGN (out of business)