We have access to hundreds of Daktronics parts: Modules, Power Supplies, Cables, Control Systems, etc.
Also, we can repair existing daktronics parts.

Please check out our site dedicated to Daktronics Parts: https://dakparts.com

Daktronics Repair

Some of the parts we have in huge quantities are:

Daktronics Data Distributor 0P-1273-3400 (2007)
Daktronics Data Distributor 0A-1273-0003 (2011)
Daktronics VLink 4000 0A-1278-0013
Daktronics VXPort 4000 0A-1278-0002

Power Supply:
0A-1301-0631 Power Supply Assembly with Harness A-1633 Amber
0A-1301-0630 Power Supply Assembly with Harness A-1591 Red
0A-1301-0632 Power Supply Assembly with Harness A-2188 RGB

W-1387 Cable Assembly 20 pos Ribbon, 18″ Dual Row

0P-1301-0551 RGB 8×16 (35×70)
0P-1301-1000 2R Red 8×16 (30×70)
0P-1301-1005 3A Amber 8×16 (30×70)