Daktronics Galaxy AF-3165 34mm RGB Replacement Parts List (2002-2004)

Controller II, 48×168, Louvered Galaxy 0A-1229-0001
Module, 2R2G2B (1:1) 8×8 (30×70) Type 1 0A-1208-2552
Power Supply Assembly, 2 A-1633, 1 A-1591 0A-1241-4001
Thermostat Enclosure 85-70-9L 0A-1213-4024
Light Level Detector; 0A-1241-4013
Filter; Air, Gasket, 7.50” x 13.50” x .88” EN-1774
Fan; 250CFM, 115VAC, 0.65A, 5.84×6.0” B-1019
Transformer; Pri 115V, Sec 10VCT@3A (120V
Filter, RFI Line 10 AMP 120 VAC Z-1007
Fan Finger Guard (for B-1019 fan) HS-1130
Modem Board; 232 Coated 0P-1146-0003
Fiber Board; RS232 to Fiber, 12V 0P-1127-0024
Cable; 18” RJ11; 6-Cond., Straight 0A-1137-0160
Signal Converter (RS232/RS422) 0A-1127-0237
Signal Converter (RS232/Fiber) 0A-1127-0239
Manual; Venus 1500 Operator’s, Version 3.0 ED13530
Ribbon Cable; 40 Cond. 30 AWG 18”
(Controller to Module, Module to Module) W-1412
Ribbon Cable Assy; 40 Pos, 66” W-1439
Ribbon Cable Assy; 40 Pos, 36” W-1423
Cable; 22 AWG (Light Sensor/Temp Sensor to
Flipped PC Connector; DB9F/RJ11F 0A-1146-0029
Digital Temp Sensor 0P-1247-0002
Electrical Contact Cleaner Lubricant / Cal-Lube CH-1019
Hex Wrench, T-Handle 1/8” RT TH-1062