Swimming LED Video Scoreboard

Our Swimming Scoreboard software works with Colorado Time System Gen 6/7 controllers as well as Daktronics OmniSport 2000 to display the data on any LCD / LED video board.

3.91mm LED Video Scoreboard 2m x 4m (6.56' x 13.12') 512x1024 Pixels

This swimming scoreboard installation consists of 3 computers, one for Gen 7 Swimming control, one for Meet Manager, and one to mirror onto the LED display and display the data. We have complete integration with Meet Manager to display the swimmer names, team affiliation and event title.

Our Scoreboards.com Swimming Scoreboard Software is an alternative to the Colorado Time Systems DisplayLink Plus (DL+) software which is only sold in conjunction with an overpriced Colorado Time LED video boards. Our software works on ALL led video boards that can accept a video input signal.

Our Swimming Scoreboard software runs on Mac, Windows and Linux and we have control apps for iOS and Android.