Daktronics Reverse Engineering Scoreboard Protocol

We have come up with a solution to read the Wireless data from the Daktronics Gen VI transmitter inside of an All Sport 5000. We are then able to take this data and use it to make a video scoreboard, or overlay score data on top of a live video.

The Daktronics Gen VI 0A-1110-0160 uses the Laird RM024. (2014 – Present)

The Daktronics Gen V 0A-1110-0032 uses the Laird LT4424-200-01 (2011)

The Daktronics Gen IV 0A-1110-0031 uses a Laird radio.

The Daktronics Gen III 0A-1110-0013 uses Aerocomm AC5124C (2002)

The RC-100 handheld controller uses AC4490-1×1 and the RC-100 base station uses the AC4490-200

Since each generation uses a completely different chip, they are not interchangeable / backwards compatible.