Digital Signage Software Comparison

Feature Player Cloud LED Player
Text Outline Yes Yes
Text Offset Yes Yes
Animated Borders Yes No
Text over Video Yes No
Web Player Yes Yes
Update Content Remotely Yes Yes
Automatic Updates Yes Yes
Platform Support Android, Windows, Linux Windows, Linux
Internet Required No (LAN/USB Supported) No (USB Supported)
Hardware Compatiblity All Android & Synchronous All Synchronous
Desktop Software Yes No
Website Control No Yes (Only by Web)
License Perpetual / Subscription Subscription
RSS / JSON Dynamic Data Yes Limited

The Designer/Player is our newest software that is being updated daily. It was originally designed as a software for our scoreboards but with a few additional features now it’s also the perfect platform for all types of digital signage. Since it’s updated every day it has many more features than the web version. Eventually additonal features will be aded to the website and it will accept playlists from the website, but for now, it doesn’t.

Cloud LED is a cloud-based platform for managing and monitoring LED and LCD displays. The software is perfect for sign manufacturers, allowing them to make accounts for their dealers as well as the end user. Some dealers want to support their customers directly so this will allow for that. The main benefit is unified software regardless of hardware. Supporting customers is easy as you can send messages directly to your customer’s sign if they are having problems. Editor is a versatile platform that allows you to turn any LED screen into a scoreboard. It is extremely cost-effective since it allows the end user to customize that same panel to be used as a scoreboard for different sports. It allows the end user to create rotating ad groups that helps them quickly recoup the investment made in their new scoreboard. Editor can pull data from the Fair-Play MP70/80, Daktronics All Sport 5000 and the OES ISC9000. It can also be used as an offline substitute for our Cloud LED system for signs that can not be connected to the internet. Player is our proprietary application that works on Windows, Linux and Android. It can be installed directly on Android based controllers such as Novastar T3, Colorlight C4, Linsn L2, DBStar ASY19C. It can also run on an embedded Linux board such as the Raspberry PI and it can feed the signal to the sending card (MSD300, TS802, S2, etc). This player works with our Editor and our Cloud LED platform. It’s important to note that this full-featured tool can be used for any type of digital display, not just scoreboards.

Cloud LED Configuration

Player Sending Card Receiving Card
Standard Player (Linux) NovaStar MSD300 Novastar MRV300
Industrial Player (Linux) DBStar HVT11IN DBStar HRV11
Colorlight C2 Colorlight 5A
Linsn TS802 Linsn RV901 Player Configuration

Controller Receiving Card
NovaStar T3 (Android) NovaStar MRV300
Colorlight C4 (Android) Colorlight 5A
DBStar ASY19 (Android) DBStar HRV11
Linsn L2 (Android) Linsn RV901