Digital Signage Software

Finding the best digital signage software in 2019 can be difficult. Fortunately, we are here to help! Unlike other companies that have been working on digital signage software for years, we made our software at the end of 2018. Before we wrote a single line of code we thought about the future of digital signage and how we can keep our software current.

When choosing a digital signage provider you should consider their software architecture and hardware compatibility. Some providers only run on windows which requires expensive hardware that is not reliable. Some only run on Linux which also limits you to certain hardware. If a player only runs on Android, this may also be a problem when you have high end projects that require power that just isn’t available on embedded chips. The best choice would be a company that has software running on Android, Linux and Windows, and we have that!

While there are many completely cloud based systems, we have also spent the time to develop desktop software that is fast and efficient to immediately send content to displays rather than with a 30 second delay as other systems have.

We wanted to create a free android digital signage software that can be used locally without having to charge a monthly fee for cloud-based digital signage software.

C++: We use C++ which allows us to make our player and editor cross platform. Many other developers have made their Android software in Java which is now outdated and should be entirely recoded in Kotlin.

We recommend asking these questions before choosing a digital sign software provider:

What language is your software coded in?

What operating systems are supported?

What hardware is supported and can we use our own hardware?

If the cloud server is down, can we still update content locally?

Does the player reach out to the server at a preset interval to get new content or is the content pushed directly to the player from the server?