ITS Traffic Dynamic Message Signs (DMS/VMS)

Dynamic Message Signs (DMS)
Changeable Message Signs (CMS)
Blankout Signs (BOS)
Variable Message Signs (VMS)

NEMA TS 4-2016

DMS Displays:
Character Matrix Signs
Line Matrix Signs
Full Matrix Signs: A type of VMS with the entire display area containing pixels with the same horizontal pitch and the same vertical pitch without fixed lines or characters. A full matrix sign is characterized by its ability to address and change each pixel independently.

Fixed Location or Portable.

Front Access, Rear Access and Walk-in.

DMS Controller
Display Module
Communications Module
Environmental Sensor and Controls
Power Supplies

The operating frequency, power interruption, transient, temperature, humidity, timing, accuracy, voltage limit tests are performed as defined in section 2.2.2.
Vibration and shock tests are

Our products can run on 12VDC, 24VDC, or 48VCD depending on requirement. A power interruption of less than 50ms will not cause the display to change to an undesirable state.

The designed life of our fixed DMS, operating for 24 hours a day and operating in their circuit application is 10 years or longer. Components with less than a ten-year design life will be identified as a serviceable component.

The DMS housing complies with the latest requirements of AASHTO LTS-6

National Transportation Communications ITS Protocol (NTCIP) – This protocol allows for the DMS to work alongside cameras and signals over communication methods such as fiber, radio and Ethernet.
We are using the latest standard.