LED Sign AR App Development

We are building an app to help customers pick the best size LED sign for their business. If it is too small, no one can read the sign. If it’s too big, the cost will be too high. This tool should help find the optimal height and size for the sign.

We need an app to help the customer visualize a new sign or putting an LED sign inside of their existing sign. One main function of the app is that the sign will have text on it and the customer will place the sign and then walk away to make sure they can read the sign from the road.
Mounting Options: Pole Mount (New), Pole Mount (Existing), Wall Mount

Step 1: Utilize latest ARKIT 4 features such as LiDAR to measure existing sign height and width.


Ability to select pole material
Ability to adjust pole height

Ability to adjust sign height/width

Ability to overlay LED into existing sign.

Adjust Distance between top (plastic) sign and LED sign.

AR Foundation
Vuforia SDK