Linsn .rcg File Intelligent Setup

An .rcg file tells the receiving card how to talk to the specific modules in your sign. Since this controller works with almost all modules made in China, it needs to be configured. On older displays, if you do not have the .rcg file it can not be read back. We have a collection of RCG files you can download that might work but we recommend that you create a new .rcg file using LEDSet.

Connect DVI/HDMI cable to Linsn TS802/L2/etc.

Click on Intelligent Setup

Complete the form correctly and proceed to the next step.

If this step is not working then the DVI/HDMI connection is not correct. Make sure your monitor is set to duplicate displays, NOT extend.

One should be slightly brighter than the other.

Try to complete the pattern. It might not light up correctly on the module itself but it should be a repeating pattern so enter the correct pattern even if the light’s aren’t matching.