NovaStar LED RS232 API Protocol and Taurus SDK

We have completely implemented all of the documented NovaStar RS232 Protocol API and many undocumented features. We have support for controlling MSD300 and MSD600 by RS232 and all other network models via IP. Our solutions work on Windows, Mac and Linux. Please contact us for custom software development.

Nova Control System Protocol:

Set Brightness on Specific of All Receiving Cards

Readback Temperature, Voltage and Firmware Version on each Receiving Card

Check for Video Input Signal

Control MFN300 Multi-Function Card Relays

Undocumented Novastar Features:

Readback and Send .scr Screen Configuration Files.

Read structure of SCR file to display visualization of cabinet layout.

Readback and Send .rcfgx Configuration Files.

Receiving Card Undocumented Functions:

DCLK Duty Cycle

Data Direction (Vertically or Horizontally)

Module Width

Module Height

Driving IC

Scan Mode

Polarity (High Effective or Low Effective)

Scan Decoding

Data Groups

Module Columns

Module Rows

Cabinet Width

Cabinet Height