NovaStar NovaLCT Configuration (Taurus)

Install the latest version of NovaStar NovaLCT. Go to User -> Media Player Login

Select the Taurus device from the list and click Connect System. Login with admin/123456

Click on Screen Configuration

Select the IP from the list:

Click “Read from Re..” to read from receiving card. Click “Save to File” (NOT Save) and keep this important .rcfgx file. Make note of the height and width, we will need this for the Screen Connection tab.

Click on the Screen Connection Tab and click Configure in the top right.

Set the number of columns and rows (receiving cards per side) and click “Reset All”

Now set the height/width on the left side and then click each box to set the receiving card order, which could be from right to left or left to right. Click Send to HW. If its backwards, click reset all and try again the other direction.