NovaStar .scr Screen Connection File

The NovaStar .scr Screen Connection is saved only on the main sending card or box and not on the receiver cards. Since screens can be wired in many different ways and using multiple output ports it has to be configured manually in NovaLCT.

In this example we are configuring a TB2 so we went to User-> Media Player Login and connected to the controller using admin/123456. If you are using a normal synchronous system you will click on “Advanced Synchronous System UserLogin” and use the password “admin”.

Click on Screen Configuration and then on the Screen Connection tab to get to this interface. The first step is to set the columns and rows and click Reset All. Now set the height and width of each cabinet and click them in the order in which they are connected. If some cabinets are a different height/width you will need to click on them again when you are done to edit the number. Click Send to HW when done and Save if it is correct.