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Introducing the BrightSign AU335: The Ultimate Audio Experience

Elevate your audio landscape with the BrightSign AU335, a cutting-edge device that delivers high-quality, high-bandwidth audio via a cost-effective, cloud-based platform. This player is specifically designed for applications demanding the finest sound technologies, including Dolby Atmos®, making it ideal for various settings from retail spaces to immersive environments.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Audio Technologies: Experience unparalleled audio quality with 24-bit high bandwidth capabilities, including support for Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Audio™, and PCM audio. The AU335 is perfect for distributing sound to ARC/eARC soundbars and AV receivers.
  • Flexible Audio Routing: Tailor your audio output with precision. The AU335 allows for individual audio file playback routing through the left or right channel.
  • Simultaneous Playback and Mixing: Play up to three audio files simultaneously with audio mixing, perfect for creating layered soundscapes or voice overlays on background music.
  • Interactive Controls: Engage your audience with dynamic, on-demand sound experiences through interactive controls via USB, GPIO, and Ethernet.
  • Synchronized Experiences: Seamlessly sync with additional BrightSign players, lighting, and other devices, crafting unique, immersive audio-visual environments.
  • CEC Command Support: Effortlessly control soundbar volume and input switching with integrated CEC commands.
  • Cloud Connectivity: Comes with a complimentary Control Cloud subscription, offering real-time player health monitoring and remote controls.
  • Versatile Software Support: Utilize free BrightAuthor:connected software, BrightScript, JavaScript, and node applications for comprehensive presentation authoring.
  • Extensive CMS Integration: Easily integrate with a variety of partner CMS solutions for tailored content management.


  • Model: AU335
  • Interactivity: Multiple port options (USB, GPIO, Ethernet) for diverse device connections.
  • Networking: Effortlessly update, schedule, and manage your audio presentations and player network.
  • Dimensions: 173.4mm x 27.9mm x 99.9mm
  • Weight: 13.3 oz
  • Power: 12V / 3A (36 Watts)
  • Media Formats: Supports a wide range of audio formats including WAV, AAC, TS, MP2, MP3, MP4, MOV, MP2TS, EAC3, AC3.
  • Hardware Interfaces: Include a locking power connector, external micro SD slot, USB High Speed Host Port (Type C), 12-pin Phoenix GPIO port, 3.5mm audio out, Micro-HDMI for ARC/eARC, Ethernet 100baseT.

Additional Features:

  • High bandwidth audio support up to 24-bit lossless audio.
  • Multi-player sync for synchronized playback across multiple BrightSign players.
  • Audio mixing capabilities for layered audio tracks.

Enhanced with a 1-year warranty (2 years for units shipped to EU or UK addresses), the BrightSign AU335 is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy solution for delivering flawless, quality audio experiences across a wide range of applications.

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