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Introducing the BrightSign XT245 Standard Performance IO Player

Unleash unparalleled video quality and powerful performance with the BrightSign XT245. This remarkably slim yet robust player is engineered to deliver exceptional video playback, ranging from crisp 1080p to breathtaking 8K60p resolution. It’s also adept at rendering high frame rate 3D motion graphics with seamless fluidity.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Video Capabilities: Experience single 8K60p or dual 4K60p (10-bit) playback for Full HD and 4K content. The BrightSign XT245 is designed to handle complex visuals with ease, ensuring your content is displayed in the highest quality possible.
  • 3D WebGL & Real-Time Data Visualization: Transform your digital signage with dynamic 3D content and interactive real-time data displays.
  • Versatile Video Rotation: Optimize your content with flexible video rotation options for both 4K and Full HD.
  • High-Quality Image & Graphics Decoding: Effortlessly decode and display 4K and Full HD images and graphics, maintaining exceptional clarity and detail.
  • Connectivity & Ports:
    • HDMI 2.1a Output: Equip your displays with the latest HDMI technology for optimal video quality.
    • Gigabit Ethernet with PoE+ Support: Enjoy high-speed network connectivity and the convenience of Power over Ethernet Plus.
    • GPIO 12-pin Phoenix Connector: Leverage 8 bi-directional ports for enhanced interactivity and control.
    • Infrared Sensor: Implement IR-based remote control solutions with the integrated 3.5mm IR in/out ports.
    • Digital Audio Jacks: Deliver high-quality audio alongside your visual content.

The BrightSign XT245 Standard Performance IO Player is your solution for delivering visually stunning and interactive digital signage and displays. Upgrade your media experience with this powerful, sleek, and versatile player.

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