Chip Fountain CFD435AQP9 Constant Current LED Driver IC



The Chip Fountain CFD435AQP9 is a high-end driver specially designed for LED display and is driven by a 16-channel constant-current sink current.

CFD435AQP9 has built-in 16K SRAM to store display data, which effectively solves the problem of transmission bandwidth limitation. At the same time, the driver adopts PWM gray scattering scan mode, which greatly improves the gray level of the display
and shooting refresh rate.

CFD435AQP9 has built-in dynamic low-power technology to eliminate useless power consumption, which can effectively reduce the overall display temperature .

CFD435AQP9 has a variety of gray compensation mechanisms and high-precision linear current gain to make the color restoration of the display more accurate.

CFD435AQP9 has current gray compensation technology, which can effectively improve the low gray refresh rate.

CFD435AQP9 has the function of open-circuit detection and protection, which can detect and eliminate the cross caused by open-circuit point in real time.

CFD435AQP9 is packaged in QSOP24 and the normal operating temperature range is -40°C to 85°C

  • Operating voltage:3v~5.5v
  • Built-in PWM gray control, easy to achieve built-in high gray and high refresh rate
  • 16K SRAM, up to 32 scan
  • PWM refresh multiplier technology and GCLK multiplier technology
  • Current gray technology
  • Built-in dynamic energy saving technology, reducing useless power consumption
  • Built-in column blanking function
  • A variety of gray compensation methods to eliminate low gray and cross-board color deviation
  • 64-level global current gain
  • Four-level programmable constant-current knee point(0.2V/0.3V/0.4V/0.5V)
  • Current output range:
    0.3~25mA @VDD=5V0.3~12mA @VDD=3.3V
  • Current accuracy
    Between channels:
    ± 1.2%(Typical) ± 1.5%(Max)
    Between ICs:
    ± 1.2%(Typical) ± 1.5%(Max)
  • SPI-like interface , up to 30Mhz
  • Built-in ghosting elimination function
  • Effectively preventing caterpillars through port voltage clamp technology
  • Built-in open-circuit detection function to silently eliminate open -circuit cross in real time