Chipone ICND2076 PWM LED Driver (48-Channel)


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The ICND2076 is a 48-channel PWM constant current sink LED driver for 1:64 time multiplexing applications (with 96KB SRAM). ICND2076 uses built-in resistance to control the output current, simplifies the external circuit, adopts double-edge trigger design, and does not need external GCLK to reduce the EMI of the system.

ICND2076 converts serial input date into the gray scale of each pixel. ICND2076 detects individual LED open errors without extra components. ICND2076 also integrated pre-charge circuit for ghosting reduction.

The ICND2076 exploits precise current regulation technology, with both channel-to-channel error and chip-to-chip error less than +/- 2.0%(Iout<25mA)


  • 48 constant-current output channels
  • Support time-multiplexing for 1~64 scans
  • Output current setting range:0.5~30mA@VDD=4.2V constant current output

    0.5~27mA@VDD=3.8V constant current output

  • Current accuracyBetween channel :< ±2.0 % (Max.) Between ICs :< ±2.0 % @Iout<25mA (Max.)

    Between ICs :< ±2.5 % @ Iout>=25mA (Max.)

  • 8 bit current gain:22%~200%
  • Fast response of output current:20ns@VDD=5V
  • Data transfer frequency: fMAX=25MHz(Max)
  • Power supply voltage: VDD=3.3~5V
  • Operating Temperature: –40°C to +85°C
  • Dynamic energy-saving
  • Pre-charge for ghosting reduction
  • LED open detection
  • Enhanced Circuit for Caterpillar Cancelling
  • Enhancement: Non-uniformity at low gray scale,Color shift, low gray mosaics, Dim line at first scan
  • Integrating LED protection circuit
  • Elimination high contrast coupling an color-castbetween modules