Colorado Time Systems System 6 Sports Timing System Gen 6 SYS-6



The System 6 by Colorado Time Systems is used worldwide at Championship meets including FINA and NCAA Championships. The System 6 is your central timing console and coordinates incoming and outgoing information from the key components of your complete timing system. It is a standalone unit dedicated solely to timing and scoring. The System 6 has been designed to meet and exceed current needs, and to easily allow for upgrades and enhancements in the future. Colorado Time Systems sets the standard in aquatic timing and scoring with the System 6 Timing Console.

For over 40 years, Colorado Time Systems has led the aquatics industry with innovative, reliable products for scoring and timing. Colorado Time Systems is synonymous with precision and accuracy in swim timing.

Swimming LED Video Scoreboard


  • Race split times are printed as they occur
  • They can be stored and posted to LED matrix display scoreboards during a race. Supports unlimited splits
  • Expanded Lane Capability. Supports up to 12 lanes
  • Rechargeable Battery Included
  • Full-Color Screen measuring 8.4 x 6.3 inches
  • Swimming and diving software are standard. Optional changeable keyboard inserts and software programs available for water polo and training pace clock