Colorado Time Systems Wireless Adapter 2.4 GHz WA-3


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The System 6 wireless scoreboard adapter 2.4 GHz allow you to transmit data wirelessly to Colorado Time Systems LED scoreboards. Whether you are running swimming, diving, synchronized swimming, or water polo, this adapter can work for you. Simply connect one wireless adapter to your timing console and the other to the device that you wish to transmit data to (LED scoreboard, pace clocks, etc). Eliminate scoreboard data cables!

Wireless adapter 2.4 GHz. Connect one to System 6 to send data wirelessly to multisport scoreboards (including deck clocks) or to another WA-2 attached to aquatic scoreboards or video boards.

Transmit data from your timing console to: Digital Pace Clocks, Digital Shot Clocks, Single and Multi-line LED Scoreboards, and LED Matrix Displays.