Colorlight K5+ LED Receiving Card


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Colorlight K5 + is a small-sized,mulit-function high-end receiving card with a size of only 70 × 45mm.
Colorlight K5 + adopts small-sized hardware design, which is suitable for small cabinet and small pixel pitch led display. It uses a high-density connector interface, dustproof and shockproof, high stability and high reliability.
Single card supports 32 groups of RGB signals output;
Support cabinet temperature, humidity, power status, voltage monitoring and fan control;
Single card can carry maximum of 512 × 256 pix
Support high-precision integration of brightness and chroma point by point;
Support network cable status monitoring;
Support any scan type between 1 ~ 64 scans;
Support DC 3.3V ~ 6.0V ultra-wide working voltage;
Support arbitrary drawing, drawing and drawing;
Support low light and high gray;
Support color temperature adjustment;
Support fast upgrade and fast sending correction coefficient;
Support smart modules: store correction coefficients, module parameters, etc .;
Supports a full range of Colorlight sending controller.

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