Daktronics VIP-4400 Video Image Processor (0A-1278-0041) – USED

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The Daktronics VIP-4400 is a video image processor. In most applications, it is used to accept standard and high-definition production feeds and transmit the signal to A/B Switches, which then transmit the signal to the display interface. Used in sports and high-end commercial applications.

Each VIP 4400 is capable of simultaneously displaying four total video sources in addition to one VMax4 signal. The video sources can be composed of a variety of video standards.
Up to four SD-SDI or HD-SDI sources may display at one time. These sources may come from a variety of digital output devices, including cameras, decks, switchers, and DDRs. A BNC connection located in the lower rear section of the VIP 4400 accepts the feeds. The loop connectors, located to the right of the HD-SDI/SD-SDI inputs, can send the same source to a video monitor or to a backup VIP 4400.
Two DVI or VGA sources may be connected at one time (depending on resolution of the signal. If signal size is over 900X1400 please contact Daktronics support). These sources come from a variety of devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, or content servers.
The processor accepts VMax signals transmitted over coaxial or fiber optic cable. Only one input can be active at a time. VMax4 may come from a DMP 7000, another VIP 4400 processor, or a VIP 4510.
A total of three processors may be linked together, allowing up to 12 different video sources to display. In this setup, the V-Max out from one VIP is routed to the VMax4 in on the second processor. This is repeated until all three processors are chained together to obtain the maximum number of inputs.

This unit was pulled from a working environment. It will need to be configured by Daktronics to work with your screen.