DBStar DBS-ASY11C Asynchronous Control System



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The DBStar ASY11C is the latest version of asynchronous controller from DBStar. It is a drop in (some configuration required) replacement for the older ASY09C that was plagued with problems.

1: Support Resolution: Double color: 800×600,
Full color: 640×480。
2: multi window /multi video/OSD/PIP/Transparency play。
3: board hold storage NAND_FLASH support 4GTF card/U box。
4: advanced text edit function,multi language Unicode TrueType font display,images,multimedia and so on。
5: online streaming media play,adopt MediaEncoder to realize realtime monitor video select,and remote video synchronous playing function
6: support connecting brightness and temperature sensor
7: work voltage: 4.7V~5.2V work current: 300mA
Work environment:-15℃~60℃ size :145mm(length)X92mm(width)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in