Digital Menu Board Signage Software


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Our Digital signage software package consists of 2 programs: Designer and Player.

The Designer software is used to create and publish content for digital signage. The player runs on the embedded device or other hardware to run the content.

The main benefit of our software is the ability to run on almost any device. While other companies require you to use a $900 Intel NUC, our system can play 4K content on a TV using a $29 FireStick.
Additionally, we can add custom features based on customer requirements. For example, integrating with a POS system to display current prices.

Each slide can be scheduled individually rather than having to make multiple playlists and set schedules to each playlist.
Each slide can have a transition effect such as fade in, radar, slide in, etc.

Auto Update
Content Scheduling
Media Library
Multi-Screen Support
Remote Display Management

Designer runs on: Windows, MacOS
Player runs on: Android, Windows, Mac, Linux

Example Hardware: M1 Mac Mini, Amazon Fire Stick, Raspberry PI 4, NovaStar T3, NovaStar TB30, etc.