Huidu HD-A3 Full Color LED Display Player [Wi-Fi]


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HD-A3 is an LED control system for remote control and offline HD video playback for small-pitch LED advertising screens. Including asynchronous sending box HD-A3, receiving card R500/R501 and control software HDPlayer three parts.

The user completes the parameter setting and program editing and transmission of the display through HDPlayer.

Control Range: 1280*512.

  • 8GB memory, support expending memory by U-disk.
  • Support HD video decoding, 60Hz frame rate output.
  • Support widest 4096 pixel, highest 2048 pixel.
  • No need set IP address, it could be identified by controller ID automatically.
  • Unified management of more LED display through Internet or LAN.
  • Equipped with Wi-Fi, Mobile APP management.
  • Equipped 3.5mm standard audio interface output.
  • Support 3G/4G connection (Optional).

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