Huidu HD-D36 LED Display Controller [WiFi]



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1. Standard Wi-Fi module, mobile App wireless;
2. Support 256~65536 grayscale;
3. Support Video, Picture, Animation, Clock, Neon background;
4. Support word art, animated background, neon light effect;
5. U-disk unlimited expansion program, plug in broadcast;
6. No need set IP, HD-D15 could be identified by controller ID automatically;
7. Support 4G/Wi-Fi/ and network cluster management remote management;
8. Support 720P video hardware decoding, 60HZ frame rate output.

1. Power terminal, connect 5V power;
2. RJ45 network port and the computer network port , router or switch connected to
the normal working state is orange light is always on, green light flashes;
3. USB port: connect to the USB device for update program;
4. Wi-Fi Antenna connector socket: weld antenna socket of Wi-Fi;
5. 4G Antenna connector socket: weld antenna socket of 4G;
6. Wi-Fi indicator light: display Wi-Fi work status;
7. 4G indicator light: display 4G network status.
8. 4G module: used to provide control card to access the Internet (Optional);
9. HUB port:2 lines 50PIN HUB port, install HUB board;
10. Display light (Display), normal working state is flashing;
11. Test button: for test the brightness and contrast of the display screen;
12. Temperature Sensor port: for connect to Temperature;
13. GPS port: for connect to GPS module, use for time correction and fixed position;
14. Indicator light: PWR is the power indicator, the power supply normal indicator is
always on; RUN is the indicator, the normal working indicator flashes;
15. Sensor port: for connect external sensor, Such as environmental monitoring,
multi-function sensors, etc.;

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