Kystar ES2 Sending Card


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The Kystar S2 sending card is an important part of the LED main control system. It is used to receive data from computers and other equipment, and convert it into network signals for transmission to the receiving card.

The S2 sending card adopts the industry’s top design technology and meets international and industry standards.


  • One DVI video input, dual network port output.
  • One stereo audio input, used with multi-function card to transmit audio.
  • One card can carry 1.31 million pixels, and the aspect ratio can be set arbitrarily. The maximum width is 4000 and the maximum height is 2000.
  • Supports the function of storing backup data, which can realize one-click repair.
  • Support EDID management.
  • Support color reproduction function。
  • Support power reverse protection function.