KYStar Gold Card G612 LED Screen Receiving Card


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Easy to maintain
☆ Support one-click readback of all profile information
☆ Support one-click repair function, change cards without worry


Stable and reliable 
☆ Super anti-interference ability, real gold is not afraid of fire,
☆ Upgrade does not go wrong


high performance
☆ Unique color reproduction technology makes the face color more realistic;
☆ Unique arbitrary multi-frequency technology, the mobile phone shoots no scan line;
☆ Accurately complete high-gray display, first-order graying, step by step;
☆ Support color and brightness point by point correction


Easy to use debugging
☆ Wizard screen, smart string, fool setting
☆ Support various PWM chips, point-by-point detection chips and general-purpose chips without frequent upgrades
☆ Support real-time detection of network communication status and detection of network cable connection sequence


01 restore the true color
Gold card G6 unique color reproduction technology Kystar Retina Color Rendition (KRCR), can automatically restore the true color of the image for the color gamut of the LED display, effectively solving the problem of color distortion such as reddish color of the character.


02 arbitrary multiplier display
The multiplier of the conventional control system can only be an integer multiple of 8, and the gold card G6 has any arbitrary multiplier technology, which can flexibly adapt to the acquisition frequency of the camera equipment. The conventional chip can also effectively eliminate the water ripple that occurs when the LED display is taken. phenomenon.


03 accurate high gray display
The Gold Card G6 can accurately reproduce the image gray scale and complete the high gray display. It can realize the first-order graying, step-by-step change, smooth color transition, and effectively eliminate the color scale phenomenon.