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3G/4G Multi-Band (698-960, 1700-2700 MHz) Phantom Antenna (Black/Permanent Mount)

Introducing Laird Technologies’ NEW Phantom® antenna which operates simultaneously in the 698-960 MHz and 1700-2700 MHz bands, making it ideal for 4G/3G applications. The mechanically robust design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications with wide bandwidth and a low angle radiation pattern that is superior to traditional gain antennas in most applications. The antenna is ideal for both ceiling and surface mount applications.
The industry standard NMO mounting socket mates with all Laird Technologies’ magnetic, trunk lid and hole mount configurations. A threaded permanent stud mount model is also available for vandal resistant mounting on brackets, panels, ceilings or any other kind of housing. Features:
Mechanically robust for both Indoor/Outdoor applications
Applicable for both 3G and 4G application
Domestic LTE 700 band and Global LTE 2600 band
WiMAX 2300/2500/2600 bands
Domestic Cellular and Global GSM
Phantom out-performs a 3 dBi whip in many applications
Part Number TRA6927M3PB-001 Frequency Range 698-806MHz: LTE, 806-896MHz: Cellular/iDEN, 890-960MHz: GSM Europe, 1575.42MHz: GPS, 1710-1880MHz: 1700 AWS, 1710-1880MHz: DCS Europe, 1850-1990MHz: PCS, 1900-2170Mhz: UMTS, 2110-2155MHz: 1700 AWS, 2.4-2.5GHz: WiFi Impedance 50 Ohms Antenna Gain (Peak) 698-806MHz: 3.5 dBi, 806-896MHz: 5.9dBi, 890-960MHz: 5.8dBi, 1575.42MHz: 5.1dBi, 1710-1880MHz: 4.2dBi, 1850-1990MHz: 4.2dBi, 1900-2170Mhz: 4.4dBi, 2.4-2.5GHz: 3.0dBi Radiation Omni Polarization Cross Polarized Ground Plane Metal Ground Plane Required (15″ diameter) Radome Height 3.3″ Width 1.44″ Color Black Mount N/Female Permanet mount Mounts thru metal surface

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