Linsn L4 Android Cloud Controller



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L4 is an asynchronous broadcast control system launched by Linsn with synchronous and asynchronous playback functions. The single machine carries 1.3 million points.

1) Support 1.3 million points of load capacity;

2) Dual network port output;

3) Support HDMI input, HDMI output;

4) Support asynchronous synchronous dual mode function;

5) Support local U disk playback, LAN playback;

6) Support local U disk program import and playback;

7) Support multiple media formats, videos, pictures, animations, etc.;

8) Support a variety of program content;

9) Comprehensive chip support;

10) Support full color static to 32 scan, real pixel / virtual pixel;

11) The number of gray levels can be set, up to 16 bits of 65536 gray levels;

12) Refreshing frequency: the scanning screen can reach 3840Hz, and the static screen can reach 6000Hz;

13) Support brightness correction and chromaticity correction

14) Support WIFI, 4G and Ethernet