Macroblock MBI5040



16-Channel Constant Current LED Driver with 16-Bit PWM Control and Dot-Correction

MBI5040 is a 16-channel constant current LED driver with selectable 16-/12-bit gray scale control and 8-bit dot correction. MBI5040 provides constant current ranging from 2mA to 60mA for each output channel. The output current can be set by an external resistor. MBI5040 adopts Share-I-O™ technology to be backward compatible with MBI5026 and MBI5030 in package and to extend the functionality, such as in-message error detection, compulsory error detection, thermal protection, and current gain control in LED display systems.

With Scrambled-PWM (S-PWM) technology, MBI5040 enhances pulse width modulation by scrambling the “on” time into several “on” periods, so that MBI5040 is able to increase visual refresh rate and reduce flickers. In addition, MBI5040 provides 16-bit gray scale control to enrich the color of image, allowing to present video images with 65,536 gray scales. MBI5040 also provides 8-bit dot correction to individually calibrate the deviated brightness and color of LEDs. Moreover, the preset current of MBI5040 can be further adjusted by 128 steps for LED global brightness adjustment.

With in-message error detection, MBI5040 can detect individual LED for both open- and short-circuit errors on-the-fly without extra components. Additionally, to enhance the system reliability, MBI5040 is built with thermal protection functions.