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Mooncell controlling system is suitable for rental business, featuring high refresh rate. Over 60% of the led displays of China Central Television Station are equipped with Mooncell controlling system

VCSG3_V22 is Mooncell Universal receiver card.


I. High refresh rate even driving ICs are ordinary ICs.

Unique frequency multiplier function, the refresh rate increased by 20% to 200% more than other systems, cameras will not find the traditional scan line; Refresh value can be verified by an oscilloscope or a camera; The refresh rate of static screen can reach 6000-10000HZ , when the gray level is 14-16; dynamic screen refresh rate can reach 1500-4800HZ or so, when the gray level is 12-14
Mooncell controlling system, refresh rate >2000hz Other systems, refresh rate 300~600Hz

II. High gray scale level, high brightness based on ordinay driving ICs
High gray scale level makes the displayed image more layered, more delicate quality, clear; Users can adjust from 1-16Bit toachieve the best display effect with brightness lost little.

III. Large loading area

Maximum load 96K pixels / receiver card (16 groups of data on the card work simultaneously), i.e 768 * 128 pixles without limitation horizontally or vertically, can support up to 2048 pixels on each directlion; Calibration does not affect the load area; Single data cable maximum support to 8192 pixels

One sending card can support 253pcs receiving cards

Single port of sending card support 1280 * 512 pixels, dual Ethernet ports support 1280 * 1024 pixels; single PC card supports up to 16pcs sending cards through the cascade;Supported resolution of sending cards are: 800 * 600, 1024 * 768, 1280 * 1024, 1600 * 1200, 1920 * 1080,2048 * 1080,2048 * 1152;
IV.Intelligent replacement of receiver cards
After the success setting of the LED display , system will automatically detect the newly inserted or replaced receiver card and automatically initializes it so that it can work properly. Receiving cards of cabinets and the spare receiving cards can be freely replaced, it does not require users to set again.

V. Intelligent setting of sending card
Thoroughly intelligent automatic detection; Users no need set sending card;Real-time detection of card status for each receiver and the quantity of modules and cabinets; able to receive real-time detection of network cable between the cards;After the user’s first time setting of driving finished, the system will automatically save the driving in sending card, no need plug usb cable, sending cards automatic inspection, very convenient for rental application.For abnormal network communication, you can display the last picture or company LOGO, etc., easy to locate and find faults.

VI. Support special shape led modules & special shape led screens
Support any particular shape of the LED modules and LED display special shapes; same receiver card supports up to 64 different modules in any connection. (Each module scan mode and plug the signal address must be the same)
Normal modules Special shape modules
Special led display-China map

VII. Color space conversion restores the true colors perfectly
Similar products in the market now are generally reddish color; MOONCELL system can perfectly restore the true color, no color cast, fine quality, soft non-glare.
Currently, MOONCELL is the only Chinese company to offer this technology

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