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The Novastar A8s Pro is a high-end small receiving card that supports resolutions up to 512×512@60Hz.

This receiving card supports the exclusive Multi-Layer Calibration and Image Booster technologies of NovaStar. With other various functions, such as HDR, seam brightness correction, low latency, pixel level brightness and chroma calibration, 3D, individual gamma adjustment for RGB, 90° image rotation, and free image rotation, this receiving card can greatly improve the brightness, grayscale and color performance from every aspect, offering users an ultimate visual experience with a uniform, smooth and lifelike image.

The A8s Pro uses high-density connectors for communication to limit the effects of dust and vibration, resulting in high stability. It supports up to 40 groups of parallel RGB data or 64 groups of serial data (expandable to 128 groups of serial data). Its reserved pins allow for custom functions of users. Thanks to its EMC Class B compliant hardware design, the A8s Pro has improved electromagnetic compatibility and is suitable for various on-site setups that have high requirements.

  • Multi-Layer Calibration
    Work with NovaStar’s high-precision calibration system to not only support the traditional brightness and chroma calibration, but also generate unique calibration coefficients for low grayscale image parts to ensure their uniformity.
  • Image Booster (Effects depend on the driver IC)
    − Color Management: Support standard and custom color gamut, enabling more precise colors on the screen.
    − Precise Grayscale: Individually correct the 65,536 levels of grayscale (16bit) of the driver IC to fix the display problems at low grayscale conditions, such as brightness spikes, brightness dips, color cast and mottling. This function can also better assist other display technologies, such as 22bit+ and individual gamma adjustment for RGB, allowing for a smoother and uniform image.
    − 22bit+: Improve the LED screen grayscale by 64 times to avoid grayscale loss due to low brightness and allow for a smoother image with more details in dark areas.
  • HDR
    − Support HDR10 and comply with the SMPTE ST 2084 and SMPTE ST 2086 standards.
    − Support HLG.
  • Seam brightness correction
    The different brightness of seams caused by splicing of modules or cabinets can be corrected to improve the visual experience. The correction is easy and takes effect immediately.
  • Low latency
    The latency of video source on the receiving card end can be reduced to 1 frame (only when using modules with driver IC with built-in RAM).
  • Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
    Work with NovaStar’s high-precision calibration system to calibrate the brightness and chroma of each pixel, effectively removing differences and enabling high consistency for both brightness and chroma.
  • 3D
    Work with the controller that supports 3D function to enable 3D output.
  • Individual gamma adjustment for RGB
    Work with NovaLCT (V5.2.0 or later) and the controller that supports this function to individually adjust red gamma, green gamma and blue gamma, which can effectively control image non-uniformity at low grayscale conditions and white balance offset, allowing for a more realistic image.
  • 90° image rotation
    The display image can be rotated in multiples of 90° (0°/90°/180°/270°).
  • Free image rotation
    Work with SmartLCT and the MCTRL R5 LED display controller to support image rotation at any angle.

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