NovaStar ADM-200 and ADM-210 LED Controller and DIS-200 Divider and NS300-H (N200 Series)


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The Nova N200 LED Display Control System consisted of three parts: the controller, the divider and the scan-board.

Optical Fiber was used to connect the NovaStar controller ADM-200 to the divider DIS-200. The divider received information and video from the controller via optical fiber and distributed it to the assigned columns of scan-boards via ethernet cables.

The scan-board was a NS300-H that supported 64×64 for static mode and 128×128 for dynamic mode.


There was a compact controller called ADM-210 that seems to combine the controller and distributor into a single unit.



This was a control system from around 2010 that used NovaLCT2009 control software. Unfortunately we don’t have many details about this such as if it can be easily upgraded to a modern control system.