NovaStar CA50E 5G LED Receiving Card



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Ca50e is a 5g interface high-end receiving card under Nova Nebula Coex control system, with a maximum on-board resolution
of 512×768@60Hz.

5g high bandwidth
The on load resolution of a single network cable is up to 1920×1080@60Hz, reducing the number of network cables connected to the screen plays an essential role in small space box and high frame rate application scenarios.

High density plug-in interface
Dustproof and shockproof, with high stability, it supports up to 32 groups of RGB parallel data, and the reserved interface provides convenience for user-defined functions. The hardware design conforms to EMC class B standard, which improves the electromagnetic compatibility of the product.

Multiple display technologies
Support dynamic engine, full gray scale correction, HDR, image quality engine and other display technologies to improve the brightness, gray and color performance of the display screen in many ways.

New control experience
Use VMP software to connect devices, provide a new interactive interface, and support intelligent management.