NovaStar D12 Seamless Switcher


D12 is a seamless switch in line with HDCP standard developed by Nova Technology, which can be modularized and provides 8 input daughter cards (32 input interfaces) and 6 output daughter cards (24 output interfaces) Choose to configure a variety of input and output, including DVI / DP / HDMI / 3G SDI interface, and equipped with powerful image processing functions to support 4K high-definition image transmission.

A single D12 can provide 6 output daughter cards, each with a load capacity of up to 4K × 2K @ 60Hz, of which the last output daughter card is 2 channels for viewing (AUX), 1 channel for multi-screen preview (MVR) and 1 channel echo; a single D12 supports up to 20 main outputs, with a load capacity of up to 40KK; a single D12 supports up to 40 Single-link mixed layers.

D12 is used in conjunction with the intelligent management software Arpa and C3 console, which can perform input and output settings, screen stitching, screen configuration and layer settings, and other playback picture management to achieve rich picture effects and more fully meet user needs.

D12 can provide 72 hours of uninterrupted and stable operation capability, and is widely used in occasions including stage performances, high-end auto shows, business meetings, TV program recording, product launches, and large-scale exhibitions.

Adopt modular, plug-in design, a single device supports up to 32 inputs and 24 outputs.

Up to 40 single-link mixed layers are supported. The position and size of the layers can be adjusted. You can add borders to the layers and set the border width and color.

Supports 3 input source EDID setting methods.

− Preset EDID.

− Custom EDID.

− Advanced settings EDID to set the timing parameters of the video source.

The maximum output of a single output daughter card can reach 3840 × 2160 @ 60Hz.

Each layer supports brightness, hue adjustment, saturation and layer transparency adjustment.

Support input source capture and store as BKG file.

Support BKG setting, the picture comes from local picture and input source capture.

Support 128 user scenes, users can flexibly recall and save scenes.

The on-screen special effect switching from PVW to LED display can present a professional-quality presentation picture.

− Take: Support 13 kinds of special effects, and set the switching speed.

− T-bar: Manually control the “fade in and fade out” special effect switching speed.

Straight cut: Without special effects, switch the PVW screen to the LED display.

Support up to 20 output interfaces synchronous splicing.

Supports pre-monitoring of all input sources, PVW and PGM screens.

Support 2 channels of viewing (AUX), 1 channel of multi-screen preview (MVR) and 1 channel of display.

Support Genlock video source synchronization function, you can choose any input source as a synchronization signal to achieve frame synchronization between the screens of the device.

Support the monitoring function of the working status of the board and the temperature of the key chip.

Support dual power backup to improve system stability.