NovaStar ET2000 Multimedia Control System


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The ET2000 is a new multimedia control system developed by NovaStar, which is specifically designed for multimedia exhibition halls, banquet halls and other small and medium fixed installation scenarios. The ET2000 provides an excellent pixel-to-pixel display with ultra-high definition, diversified mosaic creativity and outstanding media arrangements for professional stage performances. Built-in with intuitive and user-friendly media playback and control software, the ET2000 enables simplified stage display management and best-in-class human-machine interaction.

  • A single unit supports up to 8K×2K output capacity, ultra-high-resolution video decoding and pixel-to-pixel display
  • Up to 3x Mini DP 1.2 mosaic outputs
  • Playback of up to 3 layers and 1 audio simultaneously
  • Visualized program arrangement and management
  • Live and pre-edit modes
    − The program editing and playback are in sync in live mode
    − Edit the programs first before displaying them on the screen in pre-edit mode
  • Media library management, including videos, pictures, PowerPoint files and audios
  • Media file sorting
  • Media file batch import
  • NDI sources, website sources and streaming media sources supported
  • Media collection configurations
  • Up to 1080p PowerPoint files supported
  • Using a laser pointer for moving between slides in PowerPoint
  • Playback progress management
  • Program auto jump
  • Configurable layer size and priority
  • Main KV jumping settings
  • Main media based playback progress management
  • Crossfade on program switching
  • Layer mask, cropping, keying, blurring and opacity adjustment
  • Hardware decoding supported
  • One-click FTB
  • Auto startup of built-in software on system power on, auto program playback on software startup
  • Control software VCCP (Visual Centralized Control Platform), enabling a highly efficient and user-friendly control experience