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H20 Video Wall Splicer: The Pinnacle of Precision and Performance

Overview: Crafted for high-resolution, fine-pitch LED screens, the H20 stands as NovaStar’s flagship video wall splicer. Its modular, plug-in design caters to diverse applications, from military command centers and financial institutions to stage rentals and educational research hubs.

Core Features:

  • High-Caliber Architecture: The H20’s foundation lies in its robust FPGA system, ensuring pure hardware efficiency, flexibility, and a minimized failure rate.
  • Connectivity: With industry-standard connectors such as HDMI, DVI, and SDI, the H20 ensures a seamless interface. It supports 10-bit video sources, 4K high-definition inputs/outputs, and introduces three distinct LED 4K sending cards.
  • Management: Enhanced multi-screen and layer management, EDID oversight, source renaming, and BKG/OSD settings enable a streamlined user experience.
  • Remote Accessibility: The H20’s B/S architecture permits universal, cross-platform access without additional software, promoting real-time collaboration and efficient on-site setups.


  • LED 4K Sending Cards: Offers three variations, each with unique pixel capacities. Note: These cards aren’t intended for concurrent use on a single screen.
  • Resolution: Multiple configuration options to meet distinct visual needs, managed effortlessly using a single card and connector.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Continuous oversight of all input/output cards, including the capability of hot-swapping.
  • Advanced Display Capabilities: Includes features like irregular screen configurations, high-definition scrolling text, up to 2,000 presets, input source cropping and renaming, and HDR & 10-bit video processing.
  • Web Control: Real-time response with 1000M/100M self-adaptive network control, supporting multi-user collaboration. Also includes firmware update capabilities via the web page.
  • Stability: Inbuilt status monitoring and optional redundant power supply promote system reliability.

Other Noteworthy Features:

  • LCD bezel compensation
  • 3D visuals with NovaStar’s emitter compatibility
  • XR scenario control
  • Auto decryption of HDCP-encrypted sources
  • Eye saver mode to reduce eye strain
  • Support for decimal frame rates and HDR10 processing
  • Option for an additional power supply for enhanced system reliability.

Dive into a new realm of visual presentation and management with the H20 Video Wall Splicer. Its expansive suite of features and precision-driven design makes it an indispensable asset for any high-demand environment.


Technical Specifications:

1. Resolution and Capacity Configuration:

  • On a Single Card Slot:
    • 4x 2K×1K@60Hz
    • 2x 4K×1K@60Hz
    • 2x 4K×2K@60Hz
    • 1x 4K×2K@60Hz
  • LED 4K Sending Cards:
    • H_20xRJ45: Loads up to 13,000,000 pixels.
    • H_16xRJ45+2xfiber: Loads up to 10,400,000 pixels with two OPT ports mirroring the Ethernet outputs.
    • H_4xfiber: Supports up to 20,800,000 pixels with three working modes – independent, copy, and backup. (Note: Using these cards simultaneously on the same screen is not recommended.)

2. Monitoring and Management:

  • Online status monitoring of all input and output cards.
  • Multi-screen management ensures each screen can have its output resolution.
  • Adopting frame synchronization technology ensures synchronized output across all connectors for fluid image display without hitches or tears.
  • Irregular screen configurations and input source grouping management are supported.

3. Display Features:

  • Multi-layer display with a single card supporting 16x 2K layers, 8x DL layers, or 4x 4K layers. All layers allow cross-connector output without reducing layer quantity.
  • High-definition scrolling text allows customization of content, style, direction, and speed.
  • Up to 2,000 presets with seamless switching in less than 60ms.
  • OSD settings per screen with adjustable transparency, and BKG settings with max dimensions of 15K width and 8K height.
  • Advanced channel logo management and input source cropping with post-crop renaming.

4. Other Notable Features:

  • H_2xRJ45 IP input card supports up to 512 IP camera inputs with input mosaic.
  • Auto decryption of HDCP-encrypted sources and support for decimal frame rates.
  • HDR10 and HLG processing capabilities.
  • LCD bezel compensation and an eye saver mode.
  • Integration with NovaStar’s 3D emitter (EMT200) for 3D visuals.
  • Web-based controls facilitate monitoring and firmware updates. Multiple users can collaborate online, with fast webpage response, improving on-site setup efficiency.

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