NovaStar Kompass FX2 Multimedia Playback Software



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Kompass FX2 is a professional multimedia playback software developed by NovaStar. Together with the video or image processing device, it allows for professional management for LED screen playback. Featuring a simplified and friendly user interface, Kompass FX2 makes operations as simple as possible.

Kompass FX2 takes full advantage of the hardware decoding and rendering technologies of the professional graphics card, realizing smooth playback of multiple 4K videos of different formats. Besides, separated live and pre pre-edit modes greatly enhance the convenience and safety of video playback and control management. Kompass FX2 supports multi multi-layer and multi multi-program management, fade transition effect, quick picture rotation, and dynamic playback of PowerPoint fil es, thus undoubtedly becoming the ideal choice for a variety of fixed installation applications such as multimedia exhibition halls, conference rooms, data centers and more.

  • Simultaneous playback of 4x layers and 1x audio
  • Visualized program arrangement and management
  • Live and pre pre-edit modes
    − The program editing and playback are in sync in live mode
    − Edit the programs first before displaying them on the screen in pre-edit mode
  • Media library management, including videos, pictures, PowerPoint files and audios
  • Media file sorting
  • Media file batch import
  • NDI sources, website sources and stream media sources supported
  • Media collection configurations
  • Up to 1080p PowerPoint files supported
  • Using a laser pointer for moving between slides in PowerPoint
  • Playback progress management
  • Program auto jump
  • Configurable layer size and priority
  • Main KV jumping settings
  • Main media based playback progress management
  • Crossfade on program switching
  • Layer mask mask, cropping, keying , blurring and opacity adjustment
  • Auto startup of built-in software on system power on
  • Auto program playback on software startup
  • Remote control via UDP or TCP/IP
  • Controlled by a central control unit
  • Controlled in V VICP ( Visual Intelligent Control Platform ) developed by NovaStar


Requirements of Software Operating Environment

  • CPU: 9th Generation Intel ® Core™ i5 or later
  • RAM: 16GB or greater DDR4 2666
  • Graphics card: T400 or later discrete graphics card recommended
  • HD space: 250G or larger SSD
  • OS: Windows 10 Pro (64 64-bit)