NovaStar Kompass FX3 Multimedia Playback Software



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Brought to you by NovaStar, Kompass FX3 stands at the forefront of professional multimedia playback software. Seamlessly integrated with video and image processing devices, it brings unparalleled precision and expertise to LED screen content management.

Designed with the user in mind, its intuitive interface makes operation a breeze. Harness the power of professional graphics card technologies with the FX3’s capacity for smooth, high-definition 4K video playback in multiple formats. It’s segmented live and pre-edit modes elevate the safety and convenience of video control, while its diverse features cater to applications ranging from multimedia exhibition halls to data centers.

Key Features:

  • Play up to 8 mixing layers simultaneously with audio.
  • Intuitive program arrangement for visual management.
  • Dual-mode functionality: Live mode for synchronous editing and playback; Pre-edit mode for refining content before it goes live.
  • Comprehensive media library that includes videos, photos, PowerPoint presentations, and audios.
  • Efficient media file sorting and batch importing.
  • Diverse source support, from NDI and streaming media to capture devices.
  • Customizable text and media collection configurations.
  • Enhance PowerPoint presentations with features like resolution adjustments, laser pointers, and automatic start.
  • Experience smooth transitions with subtitled video playback and crossfade switches.
  • Adjust layer properties like size, priority, masking, and more.
  • Retain original audio properties even after updating layer content.
  • Automated operations including software start upon system power-on and program playback upon software launch.
  • Remote operation via UDP or TCP/IP, and centralized control.
  • Save your work automatically with auto-save.
  • Experience seamless control with VICP (Visual Intelligent Control Platform) by NovaStar.

Choose Kompass FX3 – the definitive multimedia software tailored for excellence.