NovaStar MEEBOX200 Meeting Box



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The MeeBox200 is an independent meeting and multimedia box that is specially designed by NovaStar for the application of indoor LED displays and integrates the Android system and sending card functions into one unit.
It allows any third-party app to run on it and features powerful interaction and playback capabilities. The MeeBox200 supports wireless screen mirroring from Windows, macOS, iOS and Android terminals, and allows you to mirror up to 4 terminals simultaneously to the LED display. For different applications, it provides 4 modes to let the document presentation, video playback and remote meetings have the optimal display effect.
The MeeBox200 supports the image quality improvement technologies of NovaStar. Working with the specified models of NovaStar receiving cards, it can enable the fine-pitch indoor LED display to have outstanding grayscale and color performance.
The MeeBox200 has no requirements of redesigning or changing the screen structure and can be hung on the wall or placed on a desktop, allowing for quick environment setup and use. It can be widely used in various LED display applications for business meetings in governments and companies in many industries, such as hotel design, health care and education.