Novastar MeetUs Meeting Room LED Display Solution



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The MeetUs system brings the brand-new large-screen visual experience to the meeting room. It can wirelessly mirror the screen of the speaker’s smart terminal, whether Windows, macOS, iOS or Android, to the meeting room display in real time without complex cable connections. For different meeting applications, the MeetUs system also provides 4 modes to let the document presentation, video playback and remote meetings have the optimal display effect.

Working with the specified models of NovaStar receiving cards, the MeetUs system can enable the fine-pitch indoor LED display to have outstanding grayscale and color performance. Thanks to the functions of quickly mirroring up to 4 devices to the LED display and quickly switching the mirrored screens, the MeetUs system meets all the meeting applications and can be mainly used in various business meeting applications in governments and companies in many industries, such as design, health care and education.