NovaStar MSD300 Sending Card


The Novastar MSD300 is the sending card for the Novastar Mars M3 Platform. This product is also available inside of an aluminum enclosure under the part number MCTRL300.


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The NovaStar MSD300 is an M3 series sending card from NovaStar. This sending card supports video and audio inputs, and can decode and process them before sending them to the LED screen via Ethernet port. A single MSD300 supports resolutions up to 1920×1200@60Hz. It communicates with the computer via USB port and is very convenient to use.

The NovaStar MSD300 can be used for rental and fixed applications, such as live events, monitoring centers and various sports centers.

NovaStar MSD300 is the standard model of Nova sending card. Nova LED Display Sending Card MSD300 has the following characteristics:
(1) 1 DVI video input;
(2) 1 audio input;
(3) 2 Ethernet port output;
(4) USB control interface. Can be cascaded for uniform control;
(5) Single sending card supports resolution of 1280×1024, 1024×1200,
(6) 1600×848, 1920×712 or 2048×668;
(7) 1 light sensor interface;

Capacity: 1.3 million pixels.

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