NovaStar VICP Visual Intelligent Control Platform


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NovaStar VICP (Visual Intelligent Control Platform) is NovaStar’s brand new visualized control platform for comprehensive management of multimedia, audio, video and environment control in various fixed installation application scenarios, such as exhibition halls, conference rooms or centers, media centers, command and control centers, and smart city data centers. VICP features excellent uniform management and control of video wall splicers, media servers, audio systems, and other peripherals inside the application environment.

VICP allows fully visualized operations, enabling more accurate and pertinent on-site control. In addition, its elaborated and interactive UI design brings a more friendly, simple and smooth using experience, thus providing users with a highly smart and efficient operating environment.

Through the perfect integration of NovaStar’s video wall splicer, media server, digital audio processing system and intelligent central control unit, VICP can realize all-round device management and control operations simply on a Pad or Kiosk device, such as input signal switching, preset switching, screen brightness adjustment, device powering on/off, lighting, curtains, audio, air conditioning, camera control and more.