NovaStar Vunit 2000 Programmable Control Processor



The NovaStar Vunit 2000 is a programmable control processor that can be controlled by terminals such as tablet and computer.

This control processor integrates multiple channels of programmable serial communication, multiple programmable I/O channels, multiple programmable relay function modules, and multiple self-learning infrared control modules. The powerful self-learning function can effectively learn all infrared codes, making the remote control highly sensitive.

The NovaStar Vunit 2000 has complete functions and stable performance, providing an intelligent control experience. It is an winning choice for intelligent video conferences and multimedia conferences in exhibition centers, press conference rooms, monitoring and command centers, firefighting and more.

  • CPU ARM Cortex 32-bit industrial grade processor
  • A comprehensive range of control connectors
    − 11x RS422/RS485/RS232 ports for control of various serial communication devices
    − 12x I/O connectors, with support for triggering execution of various function requirements via programming
    − 12x relay connectors
    − 12x IR connectors
  • Adaptive control modes
    The system can be controlled via wireless communication on Android tablet and iPad, or host network communication.
  • An open programming system
    As an open programmable control platform, it has user-friendly operation interface and interactive control structure, allowing for free editing of pictures, icons and texts.
  • This intelligent device is designed with fault tolerant technologies and communication circuits with high anti-interference capabilities, ensuring high stability and reliability.