NovaStar XC100 LED Receiving Card (DDR3 Form Factor)



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The NovaStar XC100 is a discontinued DDR3 form factor LED Receiving Card. Since they are out of production the cost of these items is high. Once they’re sold out we will never be able to get any more.

The NovaStar XC100 is an ultra-small and full-featured high-end mini receiving card from Nova. Compared with the traditional receiving card, XC100 is more flexible to use, it uses DDR3. The SODIMM interface can easily adapt to various electrical structures. One board can handle all applications, which greatly reduces the types of boards purchased. The XC100 single card can carry 256×256 pixels, and supports practical functions such as intelligent module management, LCD screen human-computer interaction, and self-contained voltage and temperature detection. XC100 specific The circuit and program design can effectively reduce the electromagnetic radiation of the system and help users’ products easily pass EMC certification.

  • A single card supports 256×256 pixels.
  • A single card supports 24 groups of RGB signal parallel output, and the maximum can be expanded to 48 groups of RGB parallel data.
  • Support any scan type between 1~1/32 scan, support serial decoding scan such as 595.
  • Support all mainstream LED driver chips such as conventional chips and PWM chips.
  • Supports high grayscale and high refresh rate.
  • Supports point-by-point correction of brightness and chroma.
  • Perfect special-shaped support: any wiring, random extraction, special-shaped lamp board, special-shaped cabinet, special-shaped screen, easy to load.
  • Supports seamless switching of multiple hot backups such as loop backup, dual card backup, and dual power supply backup.
  • Support human-computer interaction on the LCD screen of the cabinet.
  • Self-contained one-way voltage and temperature detection.
  • Supports smart modules. Its functions include storage management correction coefficients, light board information, module parameters and other information, as well as cable detection and LED point-by-point error detection. No monitoring card is required.
  • The unique EMC design effectively reduces electromagnetic radiation.

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