Olympian T-1000S LED Pixel Control System


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1. Level 32-65536 gray scale control, software gamma correction processing.
2. Support various point, line and surface light sources, support various rules and special-shaped processing.
3. The single port output of the controller can take up to 2048 pixels.
4. Multiple cascade can be synchronized offline control, the playback content is stored in the SD card.
5. The T-1000S can store up to 16 files, and copy multiple files to the SD card in sequence.
6. The effects stored in the SD card should be named: 00_1.led, 01_1.led, 02_1.led.
7. Compatible with single- and double-line ICs. When connecting lamps with single-line IC, there is no need to connect CLK clock line.
8. The controller comes with test results, supporting ICs are 1903, P9813, SM16716, 1829, 2811, 1886

1. T-1000S controller can be used in cascade;
2. T-1000S is a single-port output, with a maximum of 2048 pixels;
3. When controlling the single-wire IC, you only need to connect the DAT and GND of the controller to the DAT and GND of the lamp. When controlling the two-wire IC, you need to control
The DAT.CLK and GND of the controller can be connected to the DAT, CLK and GND of the lamp.
4. When using differential signals (485 signals), the output signals A and B of the controller are opposite to the signal line A (DAT+) and signal line B (DAT-) of the lamp, respectively
It should be connected.
5. When the voltage required by the controller is the same as the voltage required by the lamp. The controller and the lamp can be directly connected to the same power supply. When controllers and lamps are needed
When the voltage is different, the lamp and the controller can be powered by a power supply.

Memory card:
Type: SD card
Capacity: 128MB-2GB
Format: FAT format
Save file: *.led
Physical parameters:
Working temperature: -30℃—85℃
Working power supply: DC 5V or DC 7.5-24V input
Power consumption: 1W
Data transmission port: 3pin terminal
Weight: 0.35Kg with outer packaging (3pin terminal block*4; SD card*1; paper box*1)

Problem 1: After power-on, it is found that the error indicator ERROR of the T-1000S has been blinking and there is no effect output
Answer: The error indicator ERROR keeps flashing to prove that the controller has not read the card correctly. The possible problems are:
① The SD card is empty and there is no effect file.
② The effect file *.led file in the SD card does not match the controller model, please select the correct controller in the first version LedEdit 2012
Controller model T-1000S-chip model, and re-create the effect file *.led.
③ The SD card was not formatted as FAT before copying the effect file.
④ Please check the power supply voltage of the controller, you can power the controller separately to eliminate the cause of power supply.
⑤ Test after replacing the SD card to eliminate the possibility of SD card damage.
⑥ The name of the effect file is wrong and changed to 00.led.
Problem 2: After the controller is powered on, the indicator light is normal, but the lamp has no effect change
A: The reasons for this situation are as follows:
① Please check whether the signal cable of the lamp and the controller are correctly connected.

②Lamp and controller must be in common ground, that is, the ground wire of the lamp and the ground wire of the controller should be connected together.
③Please check whether the model selected when making the effect file *.led in the SD card is the same as the chip used in the current lamp.
Question 3: After the controller is connected to the lamp, the lamp flashes steadily, and the effect changes, and at the same time, the indicator of the controller displays normally.
Answer: ① The ground wire between the controller and the lamp is not connected.
② The effect made in the SD card is wrong. The lamp chip selected during the effect does not match the chip of the actual lamp.
③ The power supply voltage of the lamp is insufficient.
Question 4: The SD card cannot be formatted.
Answer: ① First confirm whether the protection switch on the side of the SD card has been unlocked. The unlock direction is the gold pin end of the SD card.
②The protection lock has been designed according to the requirements, but it still cannot be formatted. If this happens, the SD card reader is mostly broken. Please replace the SD card reader.
③If the above operations cannot solve the formatting problem, please replace SD