P16 1R1G1B 320x320mm Universal Outdoor LED Module


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Features:1) Pixel pitch 16mm Module resolution 20×20 Module size 320×320. Compared with traditional small modules, it has smaller module gaps and better screen flatness. Famous constant current IC from Taiwan ensuring the consistency and steady of the whole screen.

PCB Versions:

P16U1L-RGB20X20-FIFA-J1303 P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1212
P16U1L-RGB20X20-FIFA-J1302 P16U1L-RGB20X20-FIFA-J1301
P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1218 P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1217
P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1213 P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1210
P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1209 P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1207
P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1201 P16U1L-KC20X20-EMC-J1202
P16U1L-RGB20X20-J1012 P16UIL-RGB20X20-J1029
P16UIL-RGB20X20-J1026 P16U1L-RGB20.20-X1034

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